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David GardnerAuto Responder
+ Lead Page Builder

“I have been using Send Shark autoresponder since it went live and have been getting awesome open rates and retention. 50% and more opens on initial welcome emails and even 15-35% weeks later because the emails HIT THE INBOX! The Lead Page Builder produces amazing results!”

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Gregory SchmidtAuto Responder
+ Lead Page Builder

“As an Auto Responder Newbie, I enjoy being able to easily add images to my emails and know they will hit the inbox and be read by my subscribers! With the easy point and click Lead Page Builder I create my pages from start to finish in no time! They convert like crazy!”

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Doug BurdickAuto Responder
+ Lead Page Builder

“Sales, sales, sales! Send Shark is easy to use. Highly affordable and has increased my engagement with my subscribers. The results are amazing and I have recommended Send Shark to everyone I know. Even as a beta tester I was collecting huge commissions!”

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Anthony MorrisonAuto Responder

“I have generated and continue to generate millions of dollars online through email marketing. I have used many email marketing platforms and have never seen such awesome open rates and click throughs. It's absolutely fantastic!”

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Janet and Don LegereAuto Responder
+ Lead Page Builder

“Email marketing is my primary business tool. Send Shark autoresponder is hands down the best I have ever used. Great delivery and open rates making my business highly profitable. You can not beat the price point! With the Lead Page Builder kicked in this is truly a no brainer!”

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Richard and Jon WebergAuto Responder
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Richard Weberg: “I've been online for over 15 years, and never have had this high of deliverability and click throughs. Love the results!”
John Weberg: “I've NEVER seen click through and open rates this good... Send Shark Auto responder is the only one I'll ever use 10/10”

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5000 Autoresponders and Follow-Up campaigns

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Choose and send emails in graphically appealing HTML or plain text, in single “blasts”, auto responders, or in timed pre-written campaigns.

Send in HTML or Plain Text

Immediate Broadcast Sends

Pick day and Time of Sends

Set up full Email Follow up Series

Excellent deliverability


You get a complete system that sends you daily reports telling you exactly how your emails are performing and the system automatically handles “unsubscribes” and bounced messages.

Unsubscribe function

Daily activity report

Bounced message handling

Advanced click tracking and reporting

Lead Page Builder

Enjoy! Get fantastic immediate results from a quick start to finish, point and click, drag and drop Lead Page Builder.

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Page pop ups

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Cost 20 000 Subscribers

20 000 Emails

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5000 Subscribers + Lead Page Builder


Just $9.97mo

YES!! I want a 5000 subscriber Autoresponder

100% Satisfation Guaranteed

30 Day Money
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Tissa GodavitarneAuto Responder

“Time Freedom baby! Putting your business on auto pilot is key to many successes. Send shark auto responder system has provided me with incredible results. Deliverability and open rates are over the top!”

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Donalyn ZaborskiAuto Responder
+ Lead Page Builder

“I Broadcast messages everyday! Not only does Send Shark over deliver, but they have a great referral program too. I get great results on my mailing and have earned great commissions on referring others to Send Shark! Its a total win win!”

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Bob BeckettAuto Responder
+ Lead Page Builder

“Building big emails lists has been the primary staple of all my online businesses over the last 21+ years online! It has continued to earn me millions of dollars per year over and over again! The Sendshark platform makes email marketing EASY and most importantly gets in the inbox!”

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Here is what is INCLUDED with our

5000 Contacts

99% inbox deliverability

Ultra Fast mail sending (600,000 per hour)

5000 follow ups and campaigns to run as many businesses as you want

Drag and Drop editor to make beautiful emails

Manage subscribers filtering to resend to openers and / or clickers

Drag and Drop Lead Page Builder

Join our resellers program and make up to 50% RESIDUAL INCOME by referring others

5000 Subscribers + Lead Page Builder​​​​​​​


For the free trial we will pre authorize your card for $1.00 but you will not be charged

100% Satisfation Guaranteed

30 Day Money
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